Scheduled Flights

For individuals looking to take a quick weekend trip or just needing to get away for awhile and want to do it in style. Russell Aviation offers a scheduled flight service to the Florida Keys from our base hub in Punta Gorda, Florida.

Round trip service at a set price with all the luxury of flying private!  

Book Directly from our mobile application and reserve your flight!

per hour leasing  

Booking a private flight just became a whole lot easier!

Skip the endless emails back and forth. Phone call after phone call, trying to book a simple flight. 

Russell Aviation makes your flight to anywhere in the Caribbean and Florida easy, by offering per hour leasing options! 

Simply let us know where you want to go and from where and you instantly get a price based off the total flight hours.

No hidden fees!

No hassle! 

Book, Pay and Fly!

Aircraft Leasing 

For anyone looking for multiple trips, anywhere in the continental United States. Our aircraft leasing option is the superior way to get between stops!

This option allows our clients to lease the entire aircraft for 4 days. Fly anywhere they want within the continental United States.

All for a set price!


Gold Membership

Details Coming Soon 

Platinum Membership

Details Coming Soon